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UC Berkley & Aible's Generative AI Hackathon

Sunday, October 22th, 2023


As part of the UC Berkeley AI Summit, Aible is hosting this year’s Generative AI Hackathon. The virtual event will help showcase your ability to solve business challenges using the latest in Generative AI and Large Language Models. Open to students and professionals, participants may leverage any developer, app software, data science, and AI tools of their choice including Aible, to create and launch a Generative AI App.

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When: Event date is October 22, 2023. Submission runs through Oct 29, 2023.
Time: 1:30 - 5:30 EST
Where: Virtual (Zoom)
Total Prize Amount: $7000

The event is free and open to everyone - high school through PhD students and professionals.
One winner in each of the following categories will receive $1000!
● High School Students (completion < 2hrs) : $1000
● High School Students (completion > 2hrs) : $1000
● College Student, Not a Data Scientist or Comp Sci - MBAs, history, etc. (completion <
2hrs): $1000
● College Student, Not a Data Scientist or Comp Sci - MBAs, history, etc. (completion >
2hrs): $1000
● College Student, Data Scientists or Comp Sci : $1000
● Professionals - Data Scientists, developers : $1000
● Professionals - Business Users (not Data Scientists, developers): $1000

Hackathon FAQ

What is the challenge?
The challenge will be held virtually on Sunday, October 22th, 2023. Participants will be provided
with data and a business problem; using which they will have to create a working Generatie AI
app solution leveraging any tool, software and LLM of their choice. Those participating who
require help with software and tools, will be offered Aible to build the solution. Aible includes
built-in access to LLMs out-of-the-box.

What does the App need to do?
The app will need to perform like any GenAI solution, where it can be used for use cases around
question & answering, information search, summarization of content, content generation,
analytics etc. You can see an example of an app creation using Aible at The specific use cases will be announced at
the time of the competition.

Does the app need to be able to access specific data sources?
Yes, the app will need to be able to access structured (csv, excel etc.) and/or unstructured (PDF,
HTML etc.) data.

Who can participate?
Open to high school, undergrad, graduate, PhD students, and professionals. The virtual event is
free to everyone as part of the Berkeley AI Summit.

When is the event?
The event will be held virtually on Sunday, October 22nd. Participants competing in the less
than two hours category will need to submit by 5:30 PM ET that day. Everyone will have until
October 29 midnight ET to submit. Eligible participants can submit one app in the two hour
category and another in the > 2 hrs category but they can only win in one category.

What is the full schedule?
Sunday, October 22nd
1:30 PM - 1:45 PM ET - Introduction and overview to Hackathon
1:45 PM - 3:15 PM ET - Aible Training
3:15 PM - 3:30 PM ET - Break
3:30 PM - 5:30 PM ET - Live Hackathon
5:30 PM ET - Submit apps for 2 hour category

October 29 midnight ET - Submit all apps.

What tools or software can I use?
The hackathon permits the use of any tool or software. Participants will need to specify what
tool they plan to use during the registration. Those who would like to use Aible will have free
access to training and accounts for the duration of the contest.

If I want to use my own tools, can Aible provide access to LLMs?
Access to LLMs will only be provided to those opting to use Aible exclusively for this event.
Anyong planning on using other tools or software, will need to leverage open source access or
their own licenses to LLMs.

Is there any restriction on which LLMs I can use?
No. Aible users will have access to PaLM 2 and GPT 4

When will I get access to the Aible solution?
If you would like to use Aible to solve this Gen AI challenge, the 90 minute training will be on
the day of the hackathon, (October 22nd) at 1:45 PM EST. Account details will be shared that
day as well.

Is there an entry fee?
The hackathon event is completely free for participants.

Can we participate as a team?
Participants will need to submit one entry per individual.

Why is there a 7 day category?
When we conducted this hackathon in 2019 ,2021 and 2022 some data scientists felt they
needed a few days to do a good job on the problem. This option gives them a chance to put
their best results forward.

When will the results be announced?
Winners will be announced mid-November 2023. Details coming soon.

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